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Costume «Alyonushka»

Костюм Алёнушка Костюм Алёнушка Костюм Алёнушка

Order 12300 ₽

Article: КВ-0447

Sizes: S, M.

Complectation: sundress with sleeves 9500 rubles, kokoshnik 2800 rubles. The costume can be purchased not as a complete set, or with the replacement of accessories, which will affect the final price of the product.

Description: Dress with sleeves imitating an undershirt. A bow belt is sewn on the waistline. Back zipper. Fabric crepe-satin, brocade, organza (100% polyester). Russian national costume - used from ancient times to the present day. It has noticeable features depending on the specific region. Festive and everyday. The two main types of Russian women's costume are sarafan (northern) and ponyovny (southern) complexes: Sarafan - folk Russian women's clothing in the form of a dress, most often without sleeves. Sundresses differed in fabrics and cut. Poneva - loincloth, which was received by girls who had reached the age of brides and passed initiation.