Production of carnival, stage costumes for adults and children

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Wholesale order products.

Our workshop is a manufacturer of carnival, masquerade costumes and offers wholesale order  

Order can be placed through the website WhatsApp 89181404504 . The manager will contact you the next business day to discuss the details of delivery and payment. 

For physical persons.

For a one-time order over 80,000 rubles - discounts of 3%  from the prices indicated on the website,

When one-time order from 150 000 rubles -  discounts  5% from the prices indicated on the site.

For one-time order from 300 000 rublesdiscounts  10% from the prices indicated on the site.

For Jur. persons. and individual entrepreneurs.

When ordering from 350 000 rubles - Discounts available  4% from the prices indicated on the site 


Discounts do not apply to new items.