Production of carnival, stage costumes for adults and children

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Modelessa Creative Workshop


is engaged in the manufacture of carnival, masquerade and stage costumes. Founded in 2006 by a team of like-minded people with more than twenty years of experience in the field.


Special attention to “Modellessa” pays attention to the quality of equipment (it is regularly upgraded), the level of qualification of employees (it is constantly being improved), customer relations (an individual approach is observed).


"Modellessa" cooperates with major suppliers of materials, thanks to which it has a wide choice of exclusive high-quality and inexpensive fabrics and accessories of domestic and foreign manufacturers.


The company's pricing policy assumes that each of the two parts of the assortment (holiday clothes and carnival costumes) has copies of three price groups (low, medium and high prices). The price of the product depends on the complexity of the work, the level of equipment used, the proportion of manual work and the standardity of the order.


On our website you can see samples of the company's new collection, place a standard order, and contact us for a special order. Some costumes can be ordered incompletely or with the replacement of accessories, which will affect the final price of the product. Prices for costumes are indicated for the sizes shown in the photo (specify the price of the costume when difference from the size shown).

To order write to us:
WA/Viber +79181404504
VK Модельесса Модельесса
Krasnodar, st. Adygeyskaya naberezhnaya 264


Individual Entrepreneur Lyudmila Alexandrovna Serikova


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