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Costume «Camisole red»

Костюм  Камзол красный

Order 24800 ₽

Article: КВ-0376

Sizes: M.

Complectation: camisole 14000 rubles, shirt 3800, vest 3800 rubles, cocked hat 3200 rubles. The costume can be ordered not as a complete set, or with the replacement of accessories, which will affect the final price of the product. Can be ordered separately: bows for shoes 450 rubles.

Description: The camisole and cocked hat are embroidered using the "applique" technique with gold threads. Elasticated breeches. Fabrics: tweed, stretch satin (100% polyester). Camisole - men's clothing, sewn to the waist, knee-length, sometimes sleeveless worn under a caftan. Appeared in France in the 1st half of the 17th century; in the 18th century it became widespread in other countries of Western Europe, as well as in Russia (with the introduction of Western European costume among the nobles). Camisole was made of cloth, silk, velvet, decorated with embroidery, galloon, buttons.