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Costume «Aladdin classic»

Костюм Аладдин классика Костюм Аладдин классика Костюм Аладдин классика Костюм Аладдин классика

Order 16200 ₽

Article: КВ-7835

Sizes: M,L

Complectation: double raincoat 3500 rubles, trousers (harem pants) 2500 rubles, shirt 2500 rubles, belt with straps 3200 rubles, turban 4500 rubles. To complete the image, we recommend purchasing additionally (not included in the kit): Aladdins 2500 rubles, shoe covers 2500

Description: the coat is double sided. Trousers with an elastic band at the waist. Shirt with cuffs and stand-up collar. The belt with shoulder straps is removable. Turban (turban) on a dense soft basis. Aladdins are embroidered and decorated with stones. Material: brocade, eco-leather, gabardine, crepe-satin, foam rubber (100% polyester). By nature, Aladdin is a friendly and cheerful guy, honest, noble, fearless, always ready to help those in need and teach villains a lesson. Aladdin is not attracted by fabulous wealth and power, the most precious ΓÇ£treasureΓÇ¥ for him is his beloved Jasmine.