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Costume «Among Us blue»

Костюм Амонг АС синий Костюм Амонг АС синий Костюм Амонг АС синий Костюм Амонг АС синий Костюм Амонг АС синий

Order 17900 ₽

Article: КВ-7896С

Sizes: M,L

Complectation: headdress (with removable visor) 6500 rubles, sweatshirt 6800 rubles, trousers 4600 rubles. Can be purchased separately (not included) boots 3000 rubles, backpack 4000 rubles. (without embroidery 3500 rubles), voluminous gloves 2000 rubles, thin gloves 500 rubles. Chip "Leaf" 800 rubles. Chip "Cheese" 1500 rubles. Chip "Little Among" 1800 rubles. Chip "Scrambled eggs" 800 rubles. Chip "Flower" 1000 rubles. Chip "Cap" 2200 rubles. Chip "Flamingo" 1800 rubles. Chips can be purchased any or several for one suit.

Description: .HEADDRESS on a dense soft basis, with a removable visor. .THEST is elongated, with long sleeves, straight classic cut, embroidery on the front. .PANTS are straight, on the waistline there is an elastic band. The bottom of the trousers is embroidered. .BOOTS on a dense soft basis. A sole with a side (dense) kozh.zam. .BACKPACK with 3D applique embroidery. Materials: sequin fabric, neoprene, foam rubber (100% polyester)